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Tradition and Innovation

Our Philosophy

The Japanese-style monozukuri fabrication aimed for by Chashitsu Kobo is rooted in the creation of new styles born from the intersection of traditional technology and technological innovation.
Our creations combine Japan’s famed “traditions” with “innovation” to match the current age and “harmony”.
This combination of qualities forms a bridge to the future.

The Creation of a New Tradition

The tearoom (chashitsu) has always been the space where practitioners of the tea ceremony have plied and perfected their traditions in a supremely simple act about which Rikyu, in his One Hundred Verses, said “one should know that the tea ceremony is simply boiling water, serving tea, and drinking it”. Nowadays, around the world, Japanese culture is gaining attention and the depth of the country called Japan is beginning to be understood.
"Tradition is always founded on innovation”. We are rethinking the tearoom because it seems that Rikyu would have created such a space if he were alive today.
This has led to the birth of a new kind of tearoom, or chashitsu, as a space that blends modern lifestyles with traditional craftsmanship, to produce a new concept that is being recognized by the world.


Suitcase Tearoom

The ZEN-An tearoom, which packs the skills of Japanese craftsmen in a suitcase that can be carried everywhere in the world.
This small space is a condensation of delicate craftsmanship that produces an exquisite tea ceremony space.

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Assembly Tearoom

Our “assembly tearooms”. which are a condensation of the traditional methods and techniques of many craftsmen, feature carefully selected wood materials and tea garden stones. The members that make up these tearooms are excellent not only in terms of function but also aesthetics, bearing testimony to the taste of Japanese people, who have lived in harmony with nature since ancient times, and soothing the heart with serenity and peace.
Eschewing all metallic hardware, the assembly tearoom can be assembled and disassembled in just a few hours.
All the parts can be separately ordered, allowing the number and combination of rooms to be freely selected according to the proposed use, location, and season.

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